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current exhibitions:

INTERIOR MORTIFICATION: August 27th-September 28th 2016

Curator Cassie Skelly



Interior Mortification is an exhibition which reconciles the dying of the self. For the exhibition Caitlin G McCollom presents fifteen paintings on paper spanning two years time and new unexhibitited work poetically selected and arranged by curator Cassie Skelly. By using specific colors and archetypical shapes McCollom presents abstract symbolic icons. McCollom’s paintings are marked by both their vibrant colors and esoteric shapes and also her very specialized technique of painting on plastic paper. The work speaks to three types of mortification: death of the body, death of the mind, and death of the ego. A wandering through the physical and metaphysical revolution of the self from infectious disease and mental illness to a surrender to spiritual communion and greater mysteries of existence beyond the body.



upcoming exhibitions:

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