Caitlin G McCollom is a visual artist whose conceptual paintings are focused on notions of metaphysical searching. McCollom is compelled to visually express the unknowable span of consciousness and the beauty and wonder of encounters with the spiritual realm. While her vibrant paintings on plastic paper have many facets, she uses color and shape symbologies and explorations of archetypical imagery surrounded by formal whiteness to create modern icons that vibrate the connections between the visible and invisible world.

McCollom is an internationally exhibiting artist and she has been featured in national print and digital publications. Including Marie Claire, Vogue, Austin Woman Magazine, Glasstire, Tribeza, The Austin Chronicle, Persona Literary Journal and Les Femme Folles a catalog of women artists in the United States. Currently her work is held internationally with prominent private collectors and the corporate collections of Kendra Scott, The Hilton Worldwide, The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, The Rabboni Institute, and Vogue Magazine.

McCollom graduated in 2010 from Texas State University with a Bachelor’s of Fine Art in studio art painting with a focus on art history. Previously she worked as an acclaimed curator for Red Space Gallery and on various independent projects, she was also a regional Texas art critic which now informs her full time studio practice.


Recent Press:

feature in October 2016 issue of Marie Claire Magazine: "Room to Glow"

Interview by Jennifer Smart for Arts+Culture Magazine

"Caitlin G. McCollom: The Artist is Present" by Brian Fee for New American Paintings

"Blood and White" review by Caitlin Greenwood for The Austin Chronicle

"Open Corpus" Review by Charlie Arnold for Art and Arnold

Saying Goodbye to Red Space by Seth Schwaiger for Glasstire

Interview by Tracie Chan for The Austinist

Annual Young Woman to Watch By Johanna Wheeler for Austin Woman Magazine

Review by Caitlin Greenwood on The Austinist for The Lustration

Review by Jessica Mathews on sister space for The Lustration

Review on Tribeza by Susannah Duerr for The Lustration

Video Interview by Sean Gaulager on the performance work, The Untitled


Curriculum Vitae:



December 2010: BFA Texas State University-- San Marcos, TX

Studio Art: Painting, Cum Laude

Dean’s List: Fall 2006, Spring 2007, Fall 2008, Spring 2008, Fall 2009, Spring 2010

Texas State Honors College

Council of Scholars: School of Art and Design

Golden Key International Honors Society




Solo Exhibitions:

2016 August                 Interior Mortification, BLUEOrange Gallery, Houston, TX 

                                       Curator: Cassie Skelly

2016 February-April     The Cloud of Unknowing: The Ursuline Gallery at

The Southwest School of Art, San Antonio, TX

                                       Curator: Mary Mikel Stump


2015 April                   Blood and White Pump Project: Austin, TX

                                    Curator: Rebecca Marino


2013 February            Caitlin G. McCollom: New Work, Flex Space, Austin, TX


2012 September            The Lustration: Big Medium, Austin, TX


2011 July                        The Untitled: Co-Lab New Media Project Space Austin, TX


2010 July            *CASH Only: Co-Lab New Media Project Space, Austin, TX



Selected Group Exhibitions:

2016 July SHE 

Mindzai Creative Gallery Austin, TX

Sweet Art Gallery London, UK

Sao La Gallery Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Curator: Annie Wells


2016 Almost Nothing, Northern Southern Gallery Austin, TX

Curator: Shawn Camp


2015 July Exclamation: Zosima Gallery San Marcos, TX

Curator: Billi London-Gray


2015 April: Softactics: Cement Loop Gallery Austin, TX

Curator: Monica Alfonso


2015 May: TBD: Co-Lab Austin, TX

Curator: Sean Gaulager


2013 December: A Catalogue: Tiny Park Austin, TX

Curator: Brian Willey, Director Tiny Park


2013 March            Group Hug: Flex Space, Austin, TX

Curator: Jaime Castillo


2011 August            NoHegan: BOX 13, Houston, TX

Curator: Elaine Bradford Director Box 13


2011 June: Paper Girl: Co-Lab New Media Project Space, Austin, TX

Curator: Melissa Murray


2011 March: Dream: Gallery Black Lagoon, Austin, TX

            Curator: Chantelle Rodriguez


2011 February: Group Hug: Pump Project Satellite Space, Austin, TX

Curator: Jaime Castillo


2010 November Conspectus: Co-Lab New Media Project Space for the East Austin Studio Tours, Austin TX           


2010 September:Red Dot: Women and Their Work Gallery, Austin, TX

Curator: Chris Cowden, Director of Women and Their  Work


2010 August: Hot Grease: 210 Studio Project, San Marcos,TX


2010 April: La Petite Mort: Galleries I & II, San Marcos, TX

Curator: Mary Mikel Stump


2010 April: AHA! Moments: Juried Show, Austin, TX

Curator: Andy Campbell Senior Lecturer University of Texas at Austin



2010 April: TASA One Cube Foot: Juried show St. Edwards University

            Curator: Eric Zimmerman, Editor of …Might Be Good


2009 July: Friends: F8tl Gallery and Studios group exhibition


2009 June            NUDE: Industry Print shop and Studios Juried exhibition

Curator: Zane Thomas creator/editor of Kid Glory Magazine


2004 April: Ahead of Their Time: Arthouse at the Jones Center (The Contemporary) Juror/curator: Cynthia Camlin, Director of The Creative Research Laboratory at The University of Texas at Austin






2012            The Lustration: Performance for film and photographs, Big Medium, Austin, TX


2011            The Untitled: Performance work, Co-Lab Space, Austin, TX


2010            A House is Not a Home: sound installation, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX           


2010            *Cash Only, Performance: Co Lab New Media Project Space, Austin TX


2010            The Infinite Self: Performance and Installation, Joann Cole Mitte Gallery II,

San Marcos, TX


2010            Banal Exercises: Video and performance series, San Marcos, TX


2010            Blood Ties: Performance, San Marcos, TX


2009            Residence, Winter 2009: Performative Photography Series, San Marcos, TX


2009            Restraining a Double Consciousness: Video, Performance, San Marcos, TX


2009            Pain-ter/Pain-ted: Performance, 30x30” Painting, Video. San Marcos, TX


2008            Human Art Tool: performance (collaboration with Matthew Gilchrest) documented with photography. San Marcos, TX


2008            Earth Womb: Performance (collaboration with Matthew Gilchrest and Matthew Heckman) documented with photography. Dripping Springs, TX





New American Paintings: “Caitlin G McCollom: The Artist is Present” review by Brian Fee


The Austin Chronicle: “Blood and White: review by Caitlin Greenwood


Art and Arnold: “Bodies on Slabs” Review by H. Charlie Arnold


Austin Woman Magazine: “Women to Watch” feature by Joann Wheeler


The Austinist :Interview


Tribeza Magazine: “The Lustration” Review by Susannah Duerr


Sister Space: “Caitlin G McCollom: The Lustration” Review by Jessica Mathews


Tribeza Magazine: “Stepping Up, Stepping Out” Feature/interview Carolyn Harrold


Sister Space: “Hot Grease” Review by Celina Zisman


 Austin-American Statesmen: “Seeing Things” Mention by Jean Claire Van Rizyn







2013 Les Femmes Folles: Catalog of American Women Visual Artists by Sally Deskins


2012 Co-Lab Exhibition Catalog


2011 Co-Lab Exhibition Catalog composed by Sean Gaulager


2009 Persona literary Journal: selection of art for Issue 45